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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  November 16, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EST

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go to hell, bob. captioning made possible by carsey-werner distribution l.l.c. captioned by the national captioning institute as jags toped the texans 311two here is jeff barnd and jennifer gilbert with the "late edition." >> i have to drive to work, what will die? >> ggs prices on the rise again. with regular unleaded near the three dollars mark. what is behind the increase this time. >> my family aad i are doing really well. you know, strong. >> arrested on friday. back to work today. the shocking case against the prince george's county executive and what he is saying now. @% reusable shopping bags. why they may nnt be so green
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after all. >> and living with spiders. why this man is spending so much time with 400 crawling >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition." >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. prince george's county executive jack johnson back at work today. days affidavit arrest by federal agents on corruption charges. michael buczyner has reaction from johnson as he went back to work. michael? >> jeff and jennifer, jack johnson returned to work three days after and his wife were arrested in a political corruption probe. he spoke briefly today giving the appearance that he is not hiding or running either. now the embattled county executive spoke to reporters outside of his office. addressing county reeidents and thanking well wishers. joonson and his wife were arrested friday. investors say the county executive allegedly gave real
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estate developerssfavors in exchange for money. today he ducked questions about his own case and the police officers arrest. >> i am not commenting on @%ything. i made my statement. i want to say good morning again.3 >> newly elected executive baker avoided questions about the investigation. he takes office december 60s michael buczyner fox 45 news "late edition." >> thank you michael. and also in prince george's county, three prince george's @%unty police officers are under arrest asspart of the ongoing public corruption investigation. fbi arrested the officers this morning. according to the indictment. are charged in the scheme, to -ell untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. a third officer in another man are charged with a drug and gun conspiracy. police chief spoke out on the officer's alleged misconduct. >> out of 2000 employees, even a handful, tarnishes our badge. i am very disappointed. >> all three officers are %->> a baltimore city grand jury
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has indicted the man accused of killing an off duty baltimore police detective during an argument over a parking spot. state's attorney office said sian james indicted on first-degree murder and deadly weapons charges. held without bail at this hour. james is accused of throwing a piece of concrete that hit detective brian stevensonp in the side of the head. two were arguing over a parking spot in canton. >> an area of baltimore county was shut down and roads blocked off after shots were fired. at least one driver was struck. and another taken to the hospital. and at least five cars had window shattered along warren road. now not only is thhs stretch of road winding and narrow but shots rang out as mmny of the carsswere feet from a bridge at the time. police were not for example taking any chances. roads blocked ff and cordoned off the area. >> it was absolutely shocking. it literally felt like somebody hit me in the leg. another car probably two or
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three minutes later. had a back window smashed in and pulled up. and we immediately thought, wow, this is not a freak occurrence. and another car drove by and pulled up with a shattered window. >>well, inside one of the cars the driver recovered a bb. it is suspected the shooters were hiding in the woods up on a cliff taking shots at passing @%rs. no one arrested. >> police arrest a man for breaking in the car of mayor's husband. 45-year-old anthony thompson in the neighborhood sunday. police caught him on camera near the car and used it to positiiely identify hii. police say he admitted then to the break in. >> bad day for the post man. postal service just announced $9 billion loss for the fiscal year alone. this ddspite cutting 100,000 jobs already. mail vooume dropped drastically this year. also expect to pay two cents more for stamps in the near
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-uture. >> and in louisiana vilkentucky great day for baseball. museum there held a silent auction and among the items baae ruth signed 702 signed baseball. bat, selling for $264,000. some of those presents have been collecting for 50 years. >> best sports auction in the country. right here at home. have a personal interest edition i have been collecting stuff for almost 40 years and i have six of my own personal items that i have consigned for the auctton company. so looking forward to see what they bring. >> marilyn monroe autographed to hhsband joe dimaggio. >> good day for retired lieutenant bill wheeler. fighter pilot in the second -orld war. destroyed three bombers in europe in 1943. sunday, wweeler took to the skies in the single engine plane just like the one he learned to fly 70 years ago. wheeler is a tough ski gee
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and battling abroad and racism before, during and after the second world war. good for him. >> great stooy. >> rain and lots of it. >> now, chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the forecast. >> big changes coming our way in the form of rain showers over the state. right now going to radar, you can see the rab is coming down on the eastern shore. folks out there in talbot and caroline counties getting showers and kent county. arundel county. folks down in annapolis and saverna park getting rainfall. down around dc. bigger picture here. we will continue to see the showers come down through the overnight. and we can expect to see as much as an inch or inch and a quarter across the area. rainfall on the way. how long it will stick around. i will how you that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> in tonight's news you need to know. you know the gas prices are
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going back up. just in time for the holiday travel season. they have jumped an average of 10 cents a gallon in the last and an industry analyst expect the cost of crude oil will continue to climb over the next month. and they blame the economy. claiming that inflation of thee3 dollar is driving investors to buy stock in oil rather than other commodities. and that in turn causes prices to rise. many drivers say, they will not change travel plans. >> i am going to new york and philadelphia over the week. so. >> driving? >> driving. >> you know, i have to have gas. i have to drive to work. what am going to do? >> the average price of gas nationwide is about $2.93 and a little less here in maryland. >> in news you need to know. americans with disabilities act could be do for an upgrade very soon. justice department wants to adjust the high tech, one plan requires websites to have method to say read out text messages and reqqire 911 call centers to
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communicate via text messages. >> being kissed could be all it takes to spark a dangerous doctors say kissing someone that has eaten something you are allergic tt, hours later, can be enough to cause a serious reaction. authors of a recent study suggest eliminating anything from your diet that your partner is allergic to and if you really cannot live without it, make sure you brush your teeth, right after you eat. >> i told them i don't thhnk so. i think literally those are the words iiusee. >> new security measures met with mixed reaction tonight. coming up how officials are gearing up for the whiz he holidayytravel rush. and how some passengers are less than thrill about the big changes. >> and first paper, thenplas plastic. now reusable ones. why one lawmaker now said our attempts to be green coulddbe putting our health at-risk, after the break.
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>> with the holiday travel season one week away hard to believe. the debate mounts over full body scans and pat downs at u.s. airports. eric shaw reports some travelers plan to boycott the extra security. >> intrusive and going too far. describiig full body scaners and pat owns at airports across the
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country. some simple rights groups and pilot associations protest, saying people are furious about the use of scannerr looking through ccothhs and pat down of private areas if they refuse to >> they asked me to go through the scanner. iisaid i don't think so. those were the words. >> homeland security secretary addressed the scanners in a newspaper article. asking the public for quote cooperation, patience and vigilance in the face of a and regarding the pat downs, janet napolitano said they are conducted by same gender officers and all passengersshave the right to request private screening and have a traveling companion present during the screening. >> it all comes down to us in it. sa and homeland security, and the whole u.s. government about partnerships, and security. and how can we best blend those two aspects in a way to make sense. >> last week unions representing 14,000 pilots from american
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airlines, and .s. airways advised members to avoid the scanners. sayiig they are intrusive and could emit dangerous levels of radiation. the dsa said a federal review of the machines found no health threat. but travel group is calling on 30,000 memberssto boycott the scanners and insist pat downs be done in a private room with a witness present. there is a grassroots effort on the web. we will not it is calling on flyers to boycott the scanners on the day before thanksgivinn. in new york, i am eric shaun, fox news. >> we asked you all tonight are the security measures an invasion of your privacy? 41% say yes. 59% say no. jeff wrote on facebook earlier this evening. no, people need to get over it. or just don't fly. but tracy workers yes, it is giving power, to the wrong people. >> and eantime you probably hate those baggage fees on airlines. but airlines, they re eating them up. in the first half of 2010. they made more than $1.6 billion
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from these fees. delta airlines alone, raked in nearly $500 million. >>well, isn't it commoo sense if you are breaking the law you should not get a break on college tuition? apparently not. according to the supreme court of california. the court ruled today that illegal immigrants can qualify to pay cheaper instate tuition rates at public universities. well giving a break to illegals means they can actually pay a cheaper rate than legal residents. american citizens from other states. does that seem right? we just cannot win. first we are told plastic bags and paper bags will destroy the environment. now the reusable bags will kill us. new york senator chuck shurmur wants a federal investigation into the popular reusable shopping bags because of a recent newspaper report claiming some of them have elevated levels of lead in them.
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great. saving the environment and we will not be around to enjoy it. >> well, an option for people trying to quit smoking. may have its own problems. touted as a safe alternative smoking. e cigaaettes are now -- cigarettes are coming unfire. brigham and women hospital said e-cigarettes could pose a risk as starter products for kids that don't smoke. and may not do much to help people quit. like the ad said. meanwhile interesting business sense. charter jet company has decided to offer free e-cigarettes to passengers after they lost a customer that would have paid $300,000 for a trip to south africa but backed out after learning that he cannot smoke during the flight. >> they must ave been some special cigarettes. >> yeah. pass out the e-cigarettes.3 >> never short of commoo sense. >> i am going to learn the balance groceries on my head and tten i don't have to worry about plastic, paper, or lead infested bags. >> it will rain for quite some
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time, i hear. >> check back with chief %-update on the forecast.for an >> jennifer and jeff rain is coming down right now around us. @% the studio ceiling. it is coming down. shower activity through the overnight. into tooorroww and through much of tomorrow evening. and overnight. so definitely a nice system pushing up the eastern seaboard. rain downtown inner harbour. 52 ddgreess winds calm and humidity at 80%. @% far aa what is going on out there with the rain. rain is coming down on h.d. radar. you can see across the region. overrparts of arundel county. howard county. you folks are getting showers. back toward carroll county. it will continue through the overnight. in fact, zooming out the piiture here. you can see the rain will continue to rise ride up a frontal boundary out of the south. warm front. but low is sitting down over the south. this low will continue to make the way up along that frontal boundary. with t as it pushes north we will continue to see it bring the showers across the state.
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and across the region. so how much aae we talking about? well future scan predicted rainfall shows anywhere from an inch, inch and a quarter across the region. some areas less. some areas more. depends on the track of the low. now we will definitely get some decent rainfall. some gees heavier pockets than others as the low pushes in. state temperatures right now. looking at 52 in baltimore. 50 dc. 52 dover. west, temperatures in the 40s. cooler on the western portion of the system. as we will be borderline with the warmer air. across state we will probably see 20 degrees difference in the 60s on the eastern shore. 50s where we are. and tomorrow, in the 40s back in western maryland. -arm front will continue to ride through the area. showers ride along through that %-tomoorow. overnight into into tomorrow night. as you see. tomorrow, decent rainfall across the area. and second wwve as the low pressure wraps in through the week, creating the lift in the atmosphere to create the rain. and then we will see it pull out
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move out by wednesday. so looking at tonight. 50 degrees. with the raan, across the region. for tomorrow, showers and temperatures around 57. for our high. five-day forecast. shows the rrin showers leaving by wednesday. 63 degrees is not bad. 55 on thursday. and as beget into the weekend clear up with temperatures in the 50s. >> one of baltimore's best basketball players signs a letter of intent to player at baltimore. what he hopes to accomplish. >> and 1 man, 400 spiders, how@ long he spends to spend with
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>> arack naphobic and peoplee3 afraid of eight legged creatures be aware. >> australian businessman is living with spiders for three weeks all for charity. nikolaus is hoping to raise $50,000 for a children's charity by bunking with 400 spiders, in but evvn he has his limits. >> the spiders can be running
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around me. to be crawling in my swag at -ight and saying quick hello. i am feeling silly doing this but i am not stupid. >> he is talking about his swag talking about his bed. to pass the time with the spiders, he will write his memoirs. >> there is a wreck loose in my swag. that was more -- you thought studio apartments were small. this guy in japan lives on a house on land the size of a parking space. the home has appliances and closets and he lives there with mommy. they even share a beddoom. sat and watched football sunday. but they are back to work. they ran the squad through the late afternoon workout.
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couple of days off after the losssto atlanta thursday. next up. things should get easier traveling to charlotte to take on the panthers. carolina sun of the worst teams in the nfl. and it would appear that the ravens are eading for a easy victory but does not take the sting away from the tough loss to the falcons. >> if we had won that game thursday night. it would have again great for us. we would have been tied for the best record in national football league. and we did not. so we are not. and we are 6-3 and we go to work from there. >> college basketball, what we first reported a couple of weeks back is official. nic foust of city college, too high school prospect signed with the university of maryland.3 6-foottfive shooting guard ranked 9th in his position and 27th overall. foust announced the decision few weeks back on spn. so it was not a surprise angle to the story. but today, put pen to paper. and he is enthusiastic about joining williams and the terps. >> i picked university of
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maryland. felt like a second home. great relationship with the coaches. and also, you know, they aacepted me there. overall best place to mature that's how i looked at it. putting on a maryland jersey feels like i am giving back to my home state. so that's a great feeling. >> foust future teammate received a honor. big man jordan williams named first time so honored. 6-foot 10, and 3 straight double double to spark the terps to three wins over seattle, college of charleston, and maine. for the week, williams averaged 21 poonts, 13.7 reeounds and shot 52% from the floor. williams made acc all freshman team last year. >> it is time again for our high school game of the week contest. and you can vote for the game you would like to see highlights of by going to and clicking on high school game of the week.3 maybe you will see your school this friday night. here is this week's slate of games for friday november 19.
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all regional finals in the football playoffs. broadneck vs arundel in football. franklin vs. north harford in football. wilde lake vs. river hill in football. city college vs. eastern tech in football. we will announce the winnerer thursday night. >>well, for your next day planner, get the umbrellas ready. rain showers overnight ♪
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find out more at >> final look at the seven-day forecast. right now rain is coming down around central maryland. ccntinues through the overnight into tomorrow morning. commute.y for the morning give yourself extra time. because the roadways will be through much of the day, rain. 57. and showers end by wednesday. our temperatures bump up a bit. 63 for the high. then cool down to 55 for thursday. looking at mostly cloudy skies. friday, satuuday, sunshine into the week. temperatures back in the middle upper 50s. and then we are back into the lower 60s by early parts of next week. jennifer and jeff back to you? >> all right. thank all right, . >> young lady in ohio finds the cure for the wedding day blues. helping others less fortunate. >> yeah, she is brilliant. colorado woman was supposed to get married last saturday. when the plans fell apart. i guess the guy did not show. we're told. she decided instead of sulking to bring 150 area homeless
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people to the site of the reception. to enjoy the fine food already prepared, by her catering company. which i think is grrat. >> that's the way to do it. good for her. >> and she dodged. you know. >> maybeebetter off. >> do not want to share a swag with a bad guy.
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